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Zina Minz is a “People Person” who knows how to listen to and understand her client’s needs. She was schooled as a professional musician and an opera singer.

She is gifted with a warm personality and exceptional communication skills.

 Zina Minz is a proud member of The International Society of Professional Women. She is an accomplished artist and a life coach who loves helping people to achieve their dreams. 

Her involvement in her community and passion to help people led her to

become the Founder and President of the Emergency Action Committee of

the Soviet Jewry of Canada. For her contribution to Canada, she was awarded the 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal of Canada. 

Zina Minz integrity, life experience, business knowledge, and commitment to service excellence makes her an exceptional Life Coach. 

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Happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts. It is a spiritual experience that comes from within and living the life of Harmony, Purpose, Gratitude, and Love

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The best part about being a Life Coach is that it is immensely satisfying seeing that your guidance and encouragement to your clients is enabling them scale the desired heights in their personal and professional life.

Zina Minz

Have you ever Wondered

How you can change your life for the better?

Not just in one area of life, but in every area of your life?

You may have already tried many ways and methodologies to achieve that, but none have worked out. You may have given up hope of ever finding a solution to your problems. What if I were to tell you that there is a way, there is a solution that will enable you to banish stress and self-doubt, have more self-confidence, improve relationships, and blow away mental blocks. If you are ready to try something new that will enable you to experience a sense of inner calm and peace as you resolve the problems that have kept you tossing and turning at night, then the program I offer may be for you!

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People with courage, vision, who were the trailblazers in their fields, and where not afraid to discover and try new things on order to help people. They are:

Milton Erickson
George Pransky
Sid Banks
David Keys
Virginia Satir
Tony Robbins

My deep connection to Universal Mind, some people call it Nature, some people call it Life Force, and my Intuition.

I look at a person in their entirety. Focusing on the whole person, not just who they are at work or who they are at home or one specific area of their life.
Being a very spiritual person knowing that no matter what happens in a person’s life, the Universal Mind has our back. I am an optimist! Even when we cannot understand why certain things are happening to us in the end everything will turn out OK, and even better when we expected. All people are inherently good and are doing the best they can with the tools they are given. I try to pass this on to my clients.

It is my innate ability to understand human nature and human condition. I am able to zero in on a person I am connecting with and quickly establish that special connection and a feeling of trust, making them feel that they are safe, that I really care and understand their struggles.

My creativity is what makes me stand out. I inspire people, I am genuine, people feel it and connect with my energy. My kindness, optimism, and ability to bring out the best in a person is something that comes naturally to me.

I did not have to go to school to learn that. A person either has that gift or not When I meet a person, no matter where I am, when I see that they are going through a difficulty or a struggle they try to overcome, I get involved and help them to overcome the problem they are facing

I had many turning points in my life, but what stands out as one of my “epiphany” moments happened many years ago. One day I sat down with a family friend who was going through a difficult break up. He was devastated, on the verge of an emotional breakdown. So, I am sitting down, and we start talking. After our conversation is over, he is telling me that I made him realize that life is not over, and it is all for the best. Complete turnaround from when he just came over! As he is going out the door, he is telling me how much I inspired him, and he feels certain shift I his in, that there is bright future ahead of him. He smiles, saying that he thought his life was over and after talking to me he feels so light as if he just grew wings, and he can fly. That was a “wow” moment for me. I felt as if I am growing wings myself. I am feeling so wonderful knowing that I am helping this amazing person to deal with his struggle. And I knew at that moment that this is my real calling. I was handed a gift that I wanted and needed to share with the world. At that moment I realized why all the achievements throughout my life did not bring me fulfillment and happiness but brought me to this moment of realization that I am living out other people's vision of myself. All these other things in life I did mostly for myself. Trying to prove over and over throughout my life, how talented, great, wonderful, and better than others I am. All the things I achieved did not really impact other people to a level that transformed their entire lives for the better. I realized on the deepest level of my soul that I genuinely loved how it makes me feel when I am helping someone else. That was the moment that I knew that I am never going to feel complete happiness and fulfillment no matter how many competitions I win, awards and recognitions I get. It matters not how many revolutionary products I create, things I achieve or conquer in my personal life, music, art, business, relationships, I still feel unfulfilled. I realized that true happiness is when you have positive influence in someone else's life, not just your own. That feeling of elevation is contagious, and a high that is extremely hard to describe, like an out of body experience. And I knew that I found my true calling.

The other Turning Point in my life comes to mind happened earlier in my life, when I was young.

I was the apple of my father's eye, 3 or 4 years old, and my father is telling me a story that when World War Two started he was only a young boy. He went through horrors and hunger, lost all his family but he survived. He was going to rebuild his life, build a family of his own and have a boy to carry on his name. My father told me how happy he was when my oldest sister was born but hoped that the next child will be a boy. He even had a name picked out for him. So, after I am born, he is in a waiting room, hoping to hear the good news that my mother gave birth to a boy, but she has me instead. My father refuses to go in to see me because he is so disappointed. He is asking the nurse to check again, because she definitely made a mistake, I must really be a boy. My mother is telling me how my grandmother is telling my father that he must go and look at me, ow special I am, that I will only enrich his life and bring luck, light, and happiness to his life. Finally, my father gives into the nursery, and looks at me, holds me in his arms, and his heart melted. Hearing this story being retold in great detail so many time I mistakenly began to believe that I am not what my father really wanted, and I was a disappointment to him. So, throughout my early life I was always trying to prove to my father that he did not miss out but gained by having me. And even if I am a girl, I am as tough as a boy and do things better than any boy can do. Sometimes my father called me by the endearing name he picked out for his boy before I was born. After some years have passed, my father and I are talking and he is telling me how much he loves me, how proud he is of me, and that he would not have exchanged me for 10 boys. He told me that having me is one of the most precious and biggest gifts he has in his life. I realized at that moment that I did not need to prove anything to my father or to anyone else. That I only needed to be myself. By trying to replace the son I thought my father wanted taught me many lessons and served me well throughout my life. I learned that everything happens for a reason. Even if we do not understand why certain things happen to us, every experience, everything we go through in our lives makes us stronger. We are lucky, it molds us into a person we are destined to become. It prepared me for what I believe is my purpose and mission in life.

I used to think that becoming the best singer, most talented piano student, receiving recognitions and awards, winning competitions, and becoming the most recognized and popular person, a successful businessperson will make me happy. I did not want to disappoint people close to me. I thought that getting attention that way meant success and is a means to the end. I soon discovered that it is all an illusion. When my marriage broke up, I felt like a failure, like my life was falling apart. I was worried about what people think of me, I was such a success story to others and here my life is falling apart. Here goes my image, I thought! Imagine, I was more concerned with my image than myself! That is when I had to press a reset button realizing that my life needs to change. I needed to stop living the life others expected me to live, stop pleasing others, and find my true self and my life’s purpose. Because I was leaving my life from the outside in, I was hurting the most important people in my life. That was a turning point in my life. I began to live being true to myself and sticking to my principles, living my life from the inside out, finding the missing parts of my life. I was beginning to understand what is important in life and started the healing process rebuilding my life and the relationships with the most important people in my life.


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