Zina Minz is a “People Person” who knows how to listen to and understand her client’s needs. She was schooled as a professional musician and an opera singer.

She is gifted with a warm personality and exceptional communication skills.

Zina Minz is a proud member of The International Society of Professional Women. She is an accomplished artist and a life coach who loves helping people to achieve their dreams.

Her involvement in her community and passion to help people led her to

become the Founder and President of the Emergency Action Committee of

the Soviet Jewry of Canada. For her contribution to Canada, she was awarded the 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal of Canada.

Zina Minz integrity, life experience, business knowledge, and commitment to service excellence makes her an exceptional Life Coach.

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Challenges People Face

Having coached both men and women over the years…
I can tell you with confidence…
There is a core difference between the challenges they face.

Whereas their challenges all stem from the same place (the relationship with their thoughts and emotions)
…they are often centered around different things.
Let us start with men…
Men want to feel invincible…powerful…unbreakable.
If you put those three words in front of most men and ask them if they want to feel that way, they will grin.
Women have a different challenge…
They want to feel attractive…look like they have everything managed…live up to the demands of others.
Now, of course, these are wide generalizations.
But allot of people would agree these are true though.
Here is the thing…
Both challenges are focused on expectations – how they think other people expect them to be.
It all stems from thought yet can cause such stress and pressure in life.
When you help a client to see that these expectations are all made up in their head…
…and that they do not need to place this unnecessary pressure on themselves to live up to an “ideal” that is unrealistic… it can be extremely liberating.
It always comes back to thought with my style of coaching.

If you want work with me more closely, so you can master this understanding at the highest level, call now at 845-671-8647 or email to me at 1zinaminz@gmail.com to learn more.