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What We Do

3 Principles Coach

ABNLP Approved Training Certified

NLP in the art & science of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching


Family Coach Trainer - Motivator


Family Coach Trainer - Motivator


Family Coach Trainer - Motivator

Introduce Our Method

Our mission is to create the life you’ve always wanted.

My mission as a coach is to never judge, always listen and respect, support and inspire, encourage, and motivate my clients to excel in all areas of their life. To open their minds to new understanding that leads to positive changes and transformation in every area of their life. To open their minds to discover their unique gifts and talents that leads to a Happy Life. To help my clients discover new opportunities and help them achieve the exceptional results they desire


The 3 Principles Coaching Explained

There is an especially significant difference between the type of coaching used…and most other forms of coaching.
See, most other forms of coaching run on the assumption that the coaching client must get somewhere to be at peace and fulfilled.
They must get the dream job…get the dream business…get the dream partner…reach the dream goal…that.
The life they desire is somewhere out there, outside of them, in the future.
But 3 Principles coaching style is different. See, through experience, I came to understand that rather than joy and peace and fulfillment being a future based aim they are all part of our present, natural state.
That is right.
A human’s default state is joy, peace, and fulfillment.
The problem is our thoughts often get in the way of that.
How can you feel joy, peace, and fulfillment if your mind operates an extensive list of “ifs” and “when’s”?
“I’ll be at peace if this happens”.
“I’ll be fulfilled when this happens”.
It is precisely that lengthy list that stops people experiencing beautiful and lasting feelings…even when they DO get what they want!
So, my job as a coach Is not to try to help people get to where they want to be…That is a natural by-product that comes along when you unlock a client’s power and potential by showing them their real, natural, calm, powerful state before thought clouds it.
My job is to help them rediscover who they really are, who they have been all along before experiences and social conditioning programmed their mind in a unique way.
What an honor it is for me to help my clients to rediscover life!

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Thoughts are Transient

Please just think loving thoughts about every single person. If you have judgmental thoughts, come in, just do your best to ignore them, just allow them to float through because thoughts are transient. Let thoughts come in and then leave of their own accord. The minute you engage your critical faculty and your logic, and you are thinking in those thoughts, they will stick around for longer. The feelings that you get are a direct consequence of your thinking.

If you are feeling nervous right now, but you do not know why, nervous thinking. If you are feeling a bit board right now, then you are thinking those sort of thoughts. If you are feeling excited about the possibilities, then you are thinking those types of thoughts. That is all that is going on. It is really that simple.


Transformation Comes From Inside

Transformation comes from inside, not someone doing to you.

So, for example, I will do a demonstration with someone, say around phobia and they will get over it, a lot of the time they will say, ” I do not have that phobia anymore,” Zina, you changed my life.” And I will be going, “No, I didn’t. I just pointed out to you what you were doing unconsciously, and you got a conscious awareness of it, you got an insight. It happens simultaneously. You got that insight, you changed.” But a lot of people think the technique, the model is where it is. I tell them, “No, it’s understanding what really is going on for the human being below the surface. “They all are a manifestation of a misunderstanding.


What they say about us.

Once you start using the principles, tools, and strategies revealed to you, you discover a whole new world, a world that creates all human experience.


You will become a better version of yourself and finally begin to live life to your full potential and meaning